Silver Oak Transportation, your expert Hilton Head limo,  knows that a trip can be nearly or even completely ruined if you get sick during a trip. Whether your travel is for business or for pleasure, being sick can throw all your plans right out the window. The situation can be made even worse since you are not near your very own doctor. Trying to choose a doctor that you do not know, and have heard nothing about, can absolutely put your nerves on end.

That is where Doctor in Your Pocket, a service that has only recently been launched, can really help you out. Their goal is to help you find a good doctor nearby, no matter what location you happen to be in, or where in the world you are located. The ultimate goal, of course, is to get you well and on your way to a complete recovery so you can carry on with your plans. And great lengths are taken to see that this is accomplished for you.

Travelers can rely on this service to connect with board certified physicians from anywhere in the world. Forty-five languages are represented, so you can find someone who speaks your language with ease. This gives you an added peace of mind that is so very important during times like these. If you are already sick, you need not worry about trying to find a translator and wondering if everything is being transferred from one person to another.

The doctors involved with Doctor in Your Pocket are specialists in illnesses that are specific to those who are traveling, but other specialists are available as well. You can find dentists, psychologists, a general practitioner and even pediatricians for your specific need, each and every time.

Each doctor is met and vetted before they are ever recommended to someone in need of services. This is yet another level of peace of mind when you are unable to procure the services of your own trusted doctor or specialist.

When utilizing this service, you will be asked for your name, the language you speak and what type of doctor you are looking for in particular. After calculating the data, a doctor will be recommended and an appointment or house call can then be scheduled. You will not need to worry if your travels have taken you to even the most remote locations. In these instances, you can arrange for a virtual appointment to be held, in which the meeting will take place via video chat or even text message.

When your appointment is over, you will be asked to give a concise rating of your experience with the doctor as well as the service. This will allow future patients to better know what to expect from a real world perspective. While web content and descriptions do very well to describe a service, nothing quite beats the personal touch of hearing the experience from someone just like you.

Memberships for this service can come in a variety of lengths. For instance, you can purchase a seven-day package, if you are dealing with one particular trip, and the cost will be $4.95 USD. If you believe you will need the service for a longer period of time, you can purchase membership for the entirety of the year for $51.95 USD. This would be particularly useful if you will be doing a lot of traveling around the world in the next calendar year. Not only will it give you the coverage you need, wherever you are, but also the peace of mind will be absolutely priceless.