If you’ve ever had your identity stolen, you might wonder where and how it happened. Sometimes, you swipe your credit card in a compromised machine, and all of the sudden you’re being charged for outlandish purchases and being flagged for fraud. Other times, your mobile phone gets compromised, and even more of your information gets out there.

One of the terrifying things about mobile phone compromising is that the hackers that steal your information might not even use it – they might sell it to people with even more sinister aims. You should do all you can to protect yourself at home, but even more so on the road.

Mobile phone information theft happens in lots of ways – you can get your phone stolen on public transportation or at a café. More common than physical theft, however, are breaches of network security. Using public WiFi is one of the easiest ways to get your information stolen from your phone. Many times, you’ll be using a hacked network. There are some places in the world where you’re most likely to get hacked – Times Square, Notre Dame, Disneyland, and Golden Gate Park, for starters.

Any large tourist spot could be a potential hotbed of hacking activity, and airports that boast free WiFi are also at a high risk. Hackers know that large concentrations of people will be in these areas, and that the vast majority of them won’t have protection against their invasive attacks. If you’re using a Hilton Head limo service, you should know that our area may also be a potential threat to hackers. Our Hilton Head limo and car services don’t offer unsecured WiFi in our vehicles, so you can know that you’ll be safe from false networks and possible hacks. Because Hilton Head is such a tourist haven, you should protect your information as best you can. We’ve got some tips for you to stay safe everywhere:

Avoid free, unsecured WiFi, especially if the word “free” is in the network title. These are more likely to be compromised networks than others.

Don’t click “continue” if you aren’t sure that you should. It can be an almost compulsory act for heavy Internet users, but if you see a pop up or notification that asks you to “continue,” make sure that’s something you can do safely and privately.

Don’t be afraid to disconnect. If you’re on a compromised network, your phone might start acting strangely. That’s when you power down and think about your next best steps. If you can’t power your entire phone down, disconnect from the network immediately. It’s best to restart if you can.

Make sure you update your device to the latest settings or operating systems. Bug fixes and security improvements often come in these piecemeal updates. Set your phone to do these at night, so you don’t miss out on connectivity.

Think about apps and services that can protect your mobile phone against viruses and invasive hackers.

If you’re visiting Hilton Head, we want to make sure you stay safe on and offline. Silver Oak Transportation provides safe and timely transportation, for your limousine and car service needs. After you make sure you’re on a safe network, contact us online or give us a call for a conversation about your needs. We look forward to serving you!