International travel might be one of the most exciting things you will ever do, even if you’re a seasoned traveler. Whether or not it’s for business travel or leisure travel, before you head on your journey to international travel, there are a couple of things you will want to think about. One of the crucial things is getting to your flight on time. To assure that you don’t encounter a problem even before you arrive to your destination, then hiring the best limo service for your transportation to the airport is a must. If you are in the Savannah area than hiring a Savannah Limo service, such as Silver Oak Transportation, is the right choice if you want your trip to start on the right track. Another thing that is imperative when going to a different country is packing certain necessities that you wouldn’t want to be anywhere without. Here is a list of 10 things that you should definitely have in your bag, updated from tips we’ve learned first hand and some from this USA Today list:

  1. Get a universal adapter: When going to a different country  for international travel, you should take into consideration that the outlets for the electronic devices might differ from those in your country. Although certain hotels might offer universal adapters, never count on this. Instead, to make sure that your devices are always fully charged, buy a universal adapter beforehand.
  2. Bring your necessary medication and more: If you have a condition that requires you taking medication on a daily basis than don’t forget to pack them before you leave. To make sure that you don’t misplace or lose the medicine pack extra. This is so, because if by some accident you do lose or misplace them you will have back up.
  3. A charger for on the go: Since we are living in a world of social media, every time we find a free Wi-Fi connection, the first thing we do is check them. However, they drain the battery on our phone unlike anything else. Therefore it is imperative that we carry one or two portable chargers with us, so that we don’t miss a picture perfect moment.
  4. Pleasant footwear: This is a must have if you want to see everything a city has to offer. Therefore, if you don’t want to miss the wonders and beauties of a place just because your feet hurt, wear comfortable shoes. It’s not worth suffering for fashion, if you are doing it by yourself in a hotel room.
  5. Products for female hygiene: Instead of hoping that a country has your preferred products, pack some before you go. This way you won’t need to search for your favorite product for hours, just to find out that the country you are in doesn’t carry it.
  6. Make notes the old-fashioned way: Although we are living in a world where we can put all of our thoughts and more in our electronic devices, always trust the old paper and pen when you want to write down important numbers, addresses, and directions. Unlike electronic devices, they are far more reliable.
  7. Duct tape: Yes, you heard me right, duct tape. Whether you have cut your finger and don’t have a bandage, or your suitcase has broken and now you can’t close it, duct tape is sure to do the trick.
  8. USB: With international travel, we always try to capture every corner of every place. Well, to do this we would need a lot of memory. However, some electronic devices do not have the preferred memory we want, therefore always pack a USB to put the extra information in.
  9. Power cube: This is perfect for international travel, because we often travel with more electronic devices then one. This way, we will be able to charge them all at the same time.
  10. Make a copy of your passport: This is valuable in case you lose or get your passport stolen. Therefore, if you need to prove your identity, you can do it by showing them this.  Another, even better advantage is the fact that you won’t need to drag your passport everywhere you go, but you can place it in a safe place in your hotel or room. That way, if you lose your bag, you would have lost the copy of your passport and not the real thing.