The world is becoming a much smaller place with the accessibility of international destinations just a plane flight away. People who travel internationally on business frequently know how to travel the world and navigate with the least amount of stress, so they are fresh and ready for important presentations, no matter where in the world they happen to be now. Here are some excellent tips to help you ease into international destinations stress free:

Allow plenty of time for jet lag, which may be double what is expected. The international traveler has an internal time clock, which operates based on the time zone they just came from and not on the time zone of the place they arrive.

Make sure passports are up-to-date to avoid any entry delays and that no passengers have any history of problems that might prevent entry or delay entry.

Use a limousine service, reserved in advance, to make sure the transport from the airport to the hotel is without effort. International travelers do not need the stress of trying to find a way to the hotel after arrival.

Send a scan of the name of the person in their native language to the limousine company in advance. The driver of the limousine does not need to understand this, only the arriving passenger.

Be sure to inform the limousine company of any flight delays, just like one would for any family members picking them up at the airport.

Also, inform the hotel of any unexpected delays in flight arrivals, so the hotel holds the room for you.

Make sure the limousine company knows how many people are traveling together, especially if they arrive at slightly different times on different airlines or have extra luggage or special transport needs such as accommodation for wheelchairs or pets.

Send the address and the directions to the hotel to the limousine company in advance. Include a map if possible.

Technical details are necessary, but do not forget happiness details. Be sure to tell the limousine company of your preferred drinks and snacks so they are available.

Find your driver easily at the airport, relax, and enjoy the ride to your hotel.

The first thing a sophisticated international traveler encounters after passing through customs is a highly qualified limousine driver to help them. The best ones have the names of their clients in the client’s native language on a sign they hold up for everyone to easily recognize. Clients help with this by simply sending an easily read scan of their name in their native language. The great limousine driver gives a smile and a happy hello, then helps to collect the bags, and guides the international traveler to the waiting limo.  Silver Oak Transportation can arrange a licensed and safe limousine service in any destination, here or abroad.