As any of us who’ve tried can testify, event planning is hard work. The smallest omission could result in a party remembered for all the wrong reasons. As a key event partner in Hilton Head we don’t want that to happen, so today’s post brings you 5 simple ways to make event organization easier and more effective.

Why Organization is So Important
Events, even small ones, have lots of constituent parts, many things are happening at the same time and you’ve just got to have a system for keeping it all organized. Getting organized will mean you’ll know what you must do and what is someone else’s responsibility and, most importantly means that you won’t overlook something. Here are some simple tips to ensure that you stay in control.

Fill out Calendar
One of your main weapons, to ensure you know what you’ve got to do and by when is your calendar. You can find loads of easy to print and customizable calendars online. The calendar should show when you need to do book things by and, once you know it, whose going to provide the service. It also works back from the event so you can see all the other competing demands on your time.

Make a List
One of the best ways to ensure that you don’t miss anything is to make a simple list and cross off tasks as you complete them. This has the massive advantage that you will not miss anything. There are loads of ways you can do this from a simple bit of paper, to a shareable spreadsheet that all can access and edit. It is a good idea to have a few columns for things like contact details for particular tasks or information about issues related to each point.

Write It All
Lists and calendars don’t suit everyone or every task. Writing your task in a notebook with all the related information can allow you to capture many more details. Be sure to leave some space in case you have more issues, or a situation develops.

Use Tech
Technology now offers so many great ways to speed up, streamline and, above all organize events. You can in fact, use a technology-enabled solution to complete your calendar, lists and notes. It offers the added benefit of synching with other people’s calendars and devices, allowing you to set alerts for key tasks and invite others to important meetings.

Make a Folder
There will come a point that your paperwork, receipts, invoices and calendar should really be housed in its own folder. As well as bringing it all together, it offers others a chance to find all the important information should you fall ill.

Hopefully these short tips will make your event planning a bit less painful and increase your chance of a successful event. We can offer you one thing guaranteed: at Silver Oak Transportation we deliver nothing but the finest ground transportation in support of events and conferences. Based in the Hilton Head and Savannah area, we can provide any level of support your might require, from a single chauffeur and vehicle, to a complete multi-day travel plan. Call us today to find out how we can make your next event better.