Sometimes corporate meeting transportation challenges can happen during a corporate retreat that can potentially have a significant impact on the retreat’s productivity and employee morale, not to mention stress out the hard working meeting planners. Transportation challenges may include:

  • Employees getting lost on the way to the retreat
  • Planes, trains, or other modes of transportation being late to the retreat
  • Employees being delayed on their way homes after the retreat

All these issues may have a significant impact on the overall effectiveness of the retreat itself. Employees who get lost or delayed on the way to the retreat may miss important content at the very beginning of the retreat. They may spend the rest of the retreat attempting to catch up and potentially failing to do so. Employees attempting to find the retreat themselves might even end up in dangerous territory or never make it to the retreat at all, having to instead turn back.

Modes of transportation such as planes may sometimes be delayed without control, and trains can take a significant time to get to their destination. An irritating, uncomfortable trip to a corporate retreat will make an employee less willing to listen to the message of the retreat. During a retreat, employees must be open to the message of both the retreat and the company to ensure that they benefit from it.

Finally, employees could potentially be delayed on the way home following the retreat, especially if they are relying on standard transportation methods. This will cap off the retreat with a negative experience and may be all the employee actually remembers of the retreat later on. The retreat experience must be positive from start to finish to have the best effect on employee morale and productivity; otherwise, all the hard work of the company is undone.

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