Many people visiting the Hilton Head and Savannah area are the world’s top professionals, and many bring their families. With this excellence-focused demographic, sometimes a vacation can be a stressful scenario. Many people who come are here to unwind from the huge stresses of everyday life – but that can be easier said than done. If you’re naturally wound up, or not an experienced traveler, getting to and enjoying your stay here (or anywhere else on the globe, for that matter) can be a source of tension and difficulty. Silver Oak Transportation has your Hilton Head limo service and Savannah limo service needs taken care of, and we want to decrease your traveling stress in other areas. Here are some of our best tips!

  1. Before you book, consider your schedule.

Are you booking for yourself, your family, or a professional group? No matter who’s traveling, you will need to consider your calendar. Not only should you find days that work for you and everyone involved – days you can really unplug, or that will be easiest to unwind and get away – but you need to ensure that the days leading up to your vacation will be intensely productive. Additionally, if the end of the month, quarter, or fiscal year is a tough time for you – wait until you are through with those tasks to let your mind and self take a break!

  1. Create your lists.

The old saying is true, “Make a list. You’ll feel better.” If you create lists surrounding your travel, you will be and feel more prepared. Make a packing list. Make a to-do before leaving list. Make a work to be done while you’re there list – although hopefully this one is short! Make a list for any family you are taking with you or leaving behind, like pets. Make a list of errands you’ll need to do, like going to the dry cleaners, or asking neighbors to pick up mail. Anything you can physically write down, you will remember better and feel accomplished when finishing. Make a list, and check it twice!

  1. Know about your credit card coverage.

The most frustrating, time consuming, and sometimes plan derailing things can be the small ones. If you have a credit card with a low limit, or one that will trip a fraud alert if you travel, make sure you’ve contacted your credit card companies ahead of time to let them know where you’ll be and a rough estimate of what you might spend.

  1. Get TSA PreCheck or Global Entry.

This one can save you hours and a lot of headaches. Signing up for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry can make your airport travel much less stressful. You do have to put in a little effort on the front end, pay a fee, and share quite a bit of personal information, but once you’ve got PreCheck and Global Entry, your security screenings will be much less invasive, and much quicker!

Your trip doesn’t have to be stressful, and your transportation needs will be catered to you, stress-free, with Silver Oak Transportation. Hire a limo or car service to get your around the area with one of our expert drivers. Call or contact us today for the best customer service in Hilton Head and Savannah! We can’t wait to travel with you.