Whether you’re traveling via air, ground or sea transportation, one of the largest (and most stressful) complications you’re likely to encounter while traveling is your luggage. After all, it’s right there in the word: lug-gage. As in, stuff you need to lug around with you. Here are a few travel tips that will hopefully make the process much easier, even if it may not be entirely stress-free.

1. Look for Matching Luggage Sets

Have you ever wondered why luggage is sold in sets? No, it’s not just because it’s color-coordinated and cute. The bag and rolling luggage sets are specifically designed so that the bag fits neatly on top of the rolling luggage — and then stays there. It can then be dragged through a busy airport concourse without fuss.

2. Don’t Forget the Airport-Approved Laptop Bag

If you don’t want to have to open up your bags every time you go through airport security (and you may be surprised how often you need to go through airport security), make sure that your laptop bag is airport-approved. If not, you need to take your laptop out each time.

3. Consider Purchasing Hard Luggage Rather than Soft Luggage

Some travelers dislike hard luggage because it cannot expand, but when trying to travel with ease the inability to be over-filled can actually be a boon. Hard luggage has many clear advantages: it’s more durable, protects items inside of it, is waterproofed and it’s lighter and easier to manipulate.

4. Throw All Your Non-Wrinkle Items Into a Space Saver Bag

Want to easily double your luggage’s capacity? Toss all of your wrinkle-free clothing into a single space saver travel bag. These are special space saver bags that can be compressed with the use of a small hand pump or even manually rather than a vacuum. If you’re traveling with a lot of clothes, a space saver bag is one of the best, fastest and easiest ways to pack a whole lot of items at once — especially if you have children.

Of course, the best thing you can do when dealing with luggage is… not to deal with it at all. If you can, get your stuff sent ahead to your hotel and pack as light as possible. Just make sure that you have the essentials, lest your luggage get lost!  Silver Oak Transportation is happy to ensure your luggage is not a burden to you while getting to and from where you need to be!  Call us today to book your ride, whether it’s to the airport or to a meeting.  We’ve got you covered!