The world is still reeling from the disturbing video of the United Airlines passenger being dragged off of a plane by law enforcement from an oversold flight. Not only was the action an affront to human dignity and general decency, to make matters worse – the passenger had paid for his seat. The flight was overbooked, and the airline was asking for volunteers to give up their seats to other passengers. Somehow, this translated into forcefully and inhumanely removing a paying customer from their airline seat. The world is still shocked, confused, and disgusted by the actions of United Airlines.

But, if you’re a passenger on an overbooked  or oversold flight, there’s no need to fret just yet. Many people can make lots of money if their travel plans are flexible. If you are willing to give up your seat, there are opportunities to make cash, points, travel vouchers, hotel stays, and more. Recently, one travel writer changed her family’s travel tickets three times total, and they racked up $11,000 in travel incentives.

So, how do you make money and get the perks of being a seat giver-upper? It’s easier than you think:

Travel during the busy season. The most flown days of the year are Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, as well as Memorial Day and Independence Day. Capitalize on that by assuming you will be booking an overbooked flight.

Don’t check any luggage. Not only will you be avoiding a checked baggage fee, but you are also freeing yourself up to give up your seat. If it’s convenient for the gate attendant to change your ticket and doesn’t involve a trip to the cargo bay of an already packed plane, you are much more likely to get delayed travel perks.

Pack a change of clothes in your carry-on. If you know you’re going to volunteer to give up your seat in exchange for cash or travel rewards, make sure you have clean undies! Especially if you are on a business trip, or if part of your trip is in extreme weather conditions – you will definitely want to be prepared for several oversold travel scenarios.

Have a backup plan. If you’re coming to our area, but you are trying to jockey some perks your way prior to hitting the links or the beach, make sure you’ve called your Hilton Head limo service to arrange for transportation in case you have to take your earlier flight. Also make sure you have your hotel, lodging, and tee times taken care of!

Know your rights. Each airline has a requirement for what they will pay to passengers who forgo their seats, and there’s usually a ceiling. Know where your negotiations can end up, and try to get them there.

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