It happens all too often people get behind the steering wheel while tired leaving them feeling groggy and struggling to stay awake. This may not seem like a big deal, however, according to several studies conducted over the past several years driving overly tired is worse than drunk driving.  In many cases, the end result is death. Too many people struggle with the dilemma of pulling over to rest or continue on for just a few more miles. Using a reliable limousine service can help combat drowsy driving and prevent deaths and injuries.

Combating Tiredness – Pros and Cons

DME Automotive, in 2014, conducted a study that tested various combative techniques drivers use to alleviate tiredness. Many of the methods included the following, but not limited to:

  • The consumption of various caffeinated “energy” products.
  • Driving with windows or car roofs open to allow brisk air to circulate within the cabin.
  • Using time at the rest stop to exercise.
  • Blaring loud music to stimulate their senses.
  • Turning the air conditioning on the highest setting.

The majority of these methods were found to be ineffective. Leaving one solution – resting. It may seem , yet many struggle with making this decision.

The Perils of Tiredness while Driving

Driving while tired is similar to driving while being distracted. You become incapable of paying absolute attention to the road and your surroundings. Your brain processes the environment around you at a slower pace. In many instances, you may not recall the past 10 or 12 miles that you have previously driven as your surroundings become a blur. As your exhaustion decreases, so does your reaction time, which can prevent you from reacting swiftly should you encounter an erratic driver on the road.  In those cases, your exhaustion may not have been a cause of the accident consequently remains a contributing factor.

Long Trips and the Unavoidable Drive

Long trips often happen for various reasons pertaining to family, school, pleasure, or even business. In these circumstances, take the time to plan out times you can stop to rest. Don’t be a hero and drive straight through. Even if you rested the night before, you may not realize that health, excitement or new surroundings can affect sleep. Often, the tiredness may not be apparent until you are behind the wheel well on your way. In those instances, don’t risk exhaustion and navigating new areas to chance – stop and rest.

Avoiding the dangers of driving while tired may save your life and the life of others, book a limousine service to handle the perils of the road. Be smart and be safe on the roadways. Call Silver Oak Transportation to get you to and from where you need to be safely and in comfort.