There are a few major ways that employee safety can be increased while the employee travels to or in a dangerous location, and not all of them increase company costs. In fact, some solutions can actually reduce costs.

When it comes to preventing crime against a company employee, a company can encourage the employee to follow the following methods:

Use a chauffeured transportation service rather than relying on public transportation.

Ensure that the employee has a guide with them who is familiar to the region.

Make sure that the employee stays in the safest possible location in the area.

Not surprisingly enough, a significant amount of risk to the employee occurs when they are being transported from one point to another. Taxi services can be some of the most unreliable types of transportation in dangerous or foreign locations. Dealing with a professional ground transportation service is the best way to ensure that employees get where they need to go and are safe throughout the entire time.

Having a guide with them will greatly reduce the chances that an employee will get injured. A guide will be able to explain the culture and show the most dangerous areas in the region so that employee can avoid them.

Additionally, the employee should always be placed in the hotel that is the safest in the area and, ideally, the employee should minimize their contact with the foreign location as much as possible throughout their trip.


Employees should always try to stay within their hotel property if at all possible to significantly reduce the amount of risk. Although it can’t prevent accidents that actually occur within the hotel, it can make sure that they aren’t exposed to additional risk outside of their hotel.

It’s also important that employees are aware of the proper protocols for if they get injured. They should know the safest place to seek medical attention and how to get there. Otherwise, they could end up in a dangerous situation after they have actually gotten injured and could get a secondary infection or other issue.

Lastly, employees should also have very set travel paths determined in advance to reduce the risk of encountering anything that they weren’t intended to. Through ground transportation services, a company can safely ensure that an employee is always exactly where they are supposed to be.  Silver Oak Transportation can arrange for transportation in most locations, whether they are within the US or international and provide the company with up to date travel details on each leg of employee travel.

When used together, a company can significantly reduce, if not remove entirely, the amount of overall risk that an employee may encounter.