In late March, the government issued a ban on certain electronics on flights to the United States. This can adversely affect travelers coming to Hilton Head, especially those business travelers that come for some time away.

If you’re coming into the United States from Istanbul, Turkey; Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE; Doha, Qatar; Amman, Jordan; Cairo, Egypt; Casablanca, Morocco; Jeddah and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; and Kuwait City, Kuwait – you will now not be allowed to bring your laptops on board the long flight to America (and ultimately Hilton Head). Anything larger than a cell phone must be checked in your checked baggage.

In other Hilton Head travel news, the travel ban also affects nine airlines. On non-stop flights to the United States from EgyptAir; Emirates; Etihad Airways; Kuwait Airways; Qatar Airways; Royal Air Maroc; Royal Jordanian; Saudia (Saudi Arabian Airlines); or Turkish Airlines, there will be no laptops in the cabin. This is potentially devastating news for those who work on their computers while on long flights. It also presents a difficult conundrum: when flying internationally, checking electronics in baggage is often discouraged. Severe handling and theft can cause damage or loss of your items, and – especially when they contain sensitive information about your work – it can be ill-advised to let them out of your sight.

Additionally, some travelers such as students and backpackers, like to travel light and not check a bag. Especially for business travelers with packed-in schedules, not checking any bag – much less one with valuable electronics – is part of a strategy to save time and energy by traveling light.  It’s troubling that Hilton Head’s fantastic international community of visitors will be affected by this ban. At this time, however, no flights from these airlines arrive in the United States from our modest airport. This does affect larger airports in our region, and our community does anticipate a decrease in visitors, though likely not a devastating one.

The ban went into effect on March 21st, and will remain in place indefinitely.  The official language states that anything larger than a smartphone is banned. The Department of Homeland Security only somewhat clarified this size restriction by stating, “The size and shape of smartphones varies by brand. Smartphones are commonly available around the world and their size is well understood by most passengers who fly internationally. Please check with your airline if you are not sure whether your smartphone is impacted. ”

For those coming to Hilton Head from anywhere around the globe, we want to assure you that you are welcome here! Once you’ve arrived at the airport, take a Hilton Head limo or car service to your hotel, and unpack any of your bags to prepare for some relaxation.

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