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What Fliers Need to Know About the Airport Laptop Ban

In late March, the government issued a ban on certain electronics on flights to the United States. This can adversely affect travelers coming to Hilton Head, especially those business...

Travel Health: How to Watch Your Weight While You Wait

If there’s one thing that seasoned travelers know, it’s how to pack on the pounds. When you travel for business, you’re often relegated to anything you can find. Airport...

Overcoming Travel Fatigue with Business Travel

Fatigue is a problem that often arises for people with a lot of business travel. Traveling can take a toll on a person’s mental and physical health if that...

A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste When it Comes to Business Travel

Keeping your mind sharp when you’re losing your mind with business travel isn’t easy. This week’s post offers some great apps that you can download to keep your mind...

Staying Longer For Business Travel, What’s Changing?

While business travel may be occurring less frequently (given enhanced technologies), the ones that are planned are actually lasting longer.  They’re also less predictable.  This is due to the nature...

The Smartest Way to Pack a Carry-on

When you travel often on business, the last thing you want to mess with is a lot of luggage. Because of the hassle, many business travelers depend on a...