If there’s one thing that seasoned travelers know, it’s how to pack on the pounds. When you travel for business, you’re often relegated to anything you can find. Airport food, airplane meals, fast food and room service — you certainly can’t cook, and this means that you’re at the mercy of whatever is in the general vicinity. However, there are ways to remain healthy while you’re traveling — it just takes a little extra effort.

Always Ask to See the Calorie Counts

Whether you’re ordering from a restaurant or fast food location, make sure to check the calories. You may be surprised to find out that the items that you think are high in calorie are actually quite low — the opposite can also be true. A single sauce can quickly boost up the calorie counts of a pasta dish while most protein-based meals are relatively low calorie.

Ask For a Room With a Kitchen

If you’re going to be staying in town for more than a week or two, try to get a hotel or motel room with a kitchen. These rooms usually aren’t too much more expensive and will give you the option of cooking something fast and simple; cooking can even be relaxing! Brush up on 15 and 30 minute recipes and you’ll be well on your way to a healthy, fast hotel meal.

Consider Meal Replacements

Smoothies are an excellent way to get vitamins, proteins and other nutrients while you’re busy. You can pack frozen smoothies that you store in the hotel freezer or purchase smoothies as you go — either way, you’ll be able to reduce your calorie counts by reducing the amount of meals you’re eating. Don’t just skip a meal! That will throw your metabolism out of whack!

Ditch the Liquid Calories

Apart from smoothies, it’s usually a bad idea to get calories from liquids. Sugary fruit juices, non-diet sodas and even your morning latte will all add up. Drink pure or flavored water instead; switching to non-calorie drinks is a quick and easy way to cut calories without depriving yourself of foods.

Of course, there are always times that you have to wine and dine clients — and that usually comes with an emphasis on “wine” and “dine.” When you are eating fattening food, exercising portion control is the best idea. Always make sure to leave a little on your plate and you’ll be cutting out the calories in no time at all.