While business travel may be occurring less frequently (given enhanced technologies), the ones that are planned are actually lasting longer.  They’re also less predictable.  This is due to the nature of modern business trips, which are usually only arranged for the most pertinent business needs.  Business travelers don’t always know when they’ll be heading back home, as it’ll often depend on unknown variables.  This could include the relative length of a project, extended meetings and new ideas that emerge unexpectedly.

Regardless of the reason why, staying longer for business is something that should be prepared for in advance, especially when it comes to transportation.  An abundance of one-way streets and seemingly concealed street signs can make it difficult for drivers to navigate Savannah and Hilton Head.  Add sporadic tourist traffic and unpredictable weather patterns, and GPS devices become all but useless.  However, our Hilton Head and Savannah limousine services offer a solution.

When traveling for business, your schedule is both tight and sporadic.  You are expected to arrive on time and maintain strict deadlines, even those that are set at the last minute.  We specialize in working with corporate clients who are frenzied as they attempt to balance multiple business needs within a limited timeframe.  We’ll take care of the transportation logistics throughout your trip so that you can focus on your work.  In fact, if you plan to maintain a fairly consistent routine during your extended business trip, we’ll even schedule our services to match.  Of course, we’ll still offer enough flexibility for last-minute changes.

While on the go, you’ll likely need all of the extra time you can get to finalize reports, details and correspondence.  This can’t be done while driving a vehicle, but it can while riding in one.  Our spacious limousines offer plenty of room to spread out your documents and get a little extra work done.  Several of our vehicles even offer minibars that can double as a desk.  And with available in-car WiFi, you can stay connected with your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

And what if you need to take clients out/why not take your clients out in style? Hilton Head and Savannah have some of the most unique and celebrated eateries in the region.  Of course, we know that a hectic schedule may prevent you from adequately planning a lunch or evening out with clients.  That’s why our professionals chauffeurs can offer excellent recommendations based on your preferences. After all, working in the transportation business doesn’t just mean giving you a ride from point A to point B.

You can also save your and your client’s time by allowing our professional chauffeurs to plan meal arrangements.  After all, you’ll be busy enough discussing business plans and trying to collaborate on the go.  We don’t want you to lose focus trying to find somewhere to eat.  Let our knowledgeable limousine drivers in Hilton Head, Savannah and Bluffton help make arrangements for you.

If your business requires frequent extended stays at specific locations, there may be some value in procuring a second home.  Of course, this doesn’t mean buying a whole new house, but perhaps a small apartment or even condo.  For one, doing so allows you to travel much lighter, which in itself can save luggage costs.  Some inns even offered suites that are suited as “home-away-from-home” accommodations, which are a great choice for the frequent business traveler.

At Silver Oak Transportation, we want to help ease the stress caused by constant high-stakes business travel.  We’ll help plan travel arrangements around your hectic schedule.  We’ll also offer some great amenities, including snacks and a premium stereo system, along the way.  Call us today to book your travel arrangements in Savannah, Hilton Head, or Bluffton.